Ensuring secure and authorised access

Access control and entry systems have a vast amount of uses in a variety of buildings including offices, commercial sites, multi-occupancy buildings and residential apartment blocks.


They improve security and safety by restricting access to specific buildings or areas to authorised users only, and if required a log of who entered, where and when. An access control system is advantageous anywhere that you need to restrict access and where the issuing of keys and installation of mechanical locks would be unsuitable due to issues such as the number of users, ease of opening doors or the need to log who has accessed an area. They also provide the benefit of allowing access remotely.


From a single point of entry to a multi-site with hundreds of doors/areas/access points with thousands of users, we offer a wide range of access control and door entry systems to suit your requirements, including:


  • Simple stand alone keypads/readers

  • Proximity reader systems

  • Biometrics

  • Fob/card or a combination codes

  • PC based online multi-site systems with remote management and administration

  • Voice and video intercom systems

  • Phone system integrated intercom systems

  • Wireless systems

  • GSM systems


All of our systems can be interfaced to open any type of gate, barrier, shutter, turnstile, door or lift that you might need to control, both locally and remotely from anywhere in the world!